onsdag 22 december 2010

A faker?

Well of course I'm not the one being fake, but my fur scarf that I bought yesterday is certainly fake. I used to remember some years ago, when I was younger and I thought that the whole idea of fur was stupid (I'm a vegetarian) and so ancient because all the fake furs that were in stores, all looked so cheap and ugly. But all of this has changed these past years with designers like Stella McCartney and others who have really put an effort on creating furs that look real but are fake. Then again, I wish I could be a preacher like I used to be when it comes to fur, but I recently bought some fur shoes and I guess that's being controversial but I can promise they wouldnt have looked as beautiful if it was fake or perhaps they would? But that's the only real fur that I would buy and have ever bought.

"You can't fake chic, but you can be chic and fake fur" - Karl Lagerfeld

I also bought xmas presents and some candles, but the cutest thing I bought yesterday, has to be the little lipstick & handbag to put on the xmas tree! So adorable and cute, I have to buy the cupcake and the boots too! My mom gave me this Biotherm cream, that I'm going to use, hopefully it's good.

P.S A girl needs stockings & high knees in cold little Sweden so you don't freeze to death.

Song of the day: Raspberry Beret - Prince & The Revolution.

torsdag 16 december 2010

Oh darling, you bought more clothes?

Hahaha that's probably what my husband in the future would say, when looking at the (black)clothes I got today and I would say, but you can only see the underwear to make him smile again, a girl has to be smart ;)! I really had to get some new clothing tho, because my wardrobe was looking like a graveyard on a rainy day, without the decoration and flowers of course, with other words it was looking very depressing! Now it has 2 dresses, skirt, shirt, blouses, blazer/sweater and new underwear. Xmas is next week and I still don't know what to wear! Gash, it's time for me to find myself a nice outfit that I can use on the most expensive day of the year, (xmas has to be the most expensive day of the year, since everybody spend so much money on presents right? or is that just my imagination!?)

I need to find a nice cross too, I've been obsessed with getting a nice & big one, but I never find the one I want. I do have a green old one, that I would use but it doesnt have a chain. I guess I just have to find it in some kind of catholic store online? haha! A little sad thing today, is that I sold my Jimmy Choo dress and it's not longer in my sight to brighten up my days with its disco feeling.

( I'll upload pics as soon as I get my stupid cam to work again, I seriously need a new one.)

Album of the day: R.Kelly is back! I've been waiting for Kells to make an old school album, the kind of music that made me fall in love with his music, when I was a little kid back in the 90s and finally some of it is back with his new album called "LOVE LETTER". Luv it <3

tisdag 14 december 2010

Behind the mask, not anymore!

I'm so happy today because Jester boy is COMING TO SWEDEN :) Finally!! Now nobody can hide behind a mask or costume anymore, not that anyone was ever hiding behind a mask haha but still I have to use a MJ song as a title, I just had to :) !

Isnt my Monki hat cute ? :) Love it <33

Songs of the day: Behind the Mask - Michael Jackson and Somebody to love - Leighton Meester (Yes it's a sin to like this song from last year, but Robin Thicke's blue-eyed soul music mixed with electro-pop is addictive, but seriously Leighton should ONLY act and NOT SING!)

torsdag 9 december 2010

More tea, mademoiselle?

I love tea, espcially green tea, so I guess I'm some kind of tea-holic? hahaha. But I love coffee even more, but I don't drink it as often because I would easily get addicted again! So I was very happy when I saw that one of my fav fashion magazines, gave me a sample of this new coffee called "African Night" and it's so delicious!

This is the perfect way to spend the day after a hard workout at the gym, with fashion magazines, a cup of tea and watching some Gossip Girl. Yes I'm very girly, but how can you resist not living in a world full of glamour and rabbits? hahaha! Which reminds me, I have to make a little blog about my new "Ash" shoes :)

Song of the day : Neon Valley Street - Janelle Monae. (Thanks for reminding me of this talented artist Jester!)

onsdag 8 december 2010

R.I.P John !

So today it's been 30 yrs since the legend John Lennon was shot by crazy narcissist Mark Chapman! I can only imagine the pain people felt when hearing about John Lennons death. John is without any doubt one of the greatest artists of the 21st century, the way he inspired and made people believe in something is very powerful! I've listened to this man my whole life, because my parents adore this working class hero, but I'm glad I was introduced to his music because he was such a talented artist, makes me wish I had some kind of time machine so I could travel back in time and go to one of his concerts. He has so many great moments, like being part of The Beatles and making hits like "Come Together" or writing iconic songs such as "Imagine" or "Gimmie some truth" as a solo artist or just being part of pop culture with famous quotes such as "Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue with that; I'm right and I will be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now; I don't know which will go first - rock and roll or Christianity." Or for simply being a socialist or a freedom fighter, there are so many interesting parts of this man.

I will always love you John! You are a true hero, no matter what haters say. The love he had for the world will always be remembered. I love controversial people!

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.
John Lennon

Song of the day: Just listen to some classic John Lennon and remember this great man!

fredag 3 december 2010

Make it your own before you try.

Kelis has some beautiful music videos that gave me a lot of fashion inspiration, but today I just want to post about an album that I've been listening to since it was released. It's the best work out/ dance album this year with some amazing music videos too! Kelis - Flesh Tone from earlier this year, has to be one of those albums I've totally overplayed this year. It's just a great dance album, it really is music of the 22nd century, it might not be her best work but it's def my fav work out music ;)! Thanks Kelis for making me happy with your dance music that other people have followed on. I hope Kelis makes yet another amazing album soon, one of those few artists who really thinks outside the box! And if you're still a hater who doesn't believe Kelis has no talent and just check out this performance


Songs of the day : Take take take & As Ugly As I seem by The White Stripes (old songs from 2005, but def great songs!)

Question: Where is the democracy in our world? does it exist. Just wondering.

torsdag 2 december 2010

Give me some salsa, porfavor!

Today has been a very good day, I just saw "El Cantante/ The Salsa King" with Marc Anthony & J.LO about the tragic story of the great Salsa singer, Hector Lavoe and a very special person got his passport, so this day is perfect to talk about the most awesome party heels for this year!

"Shoes are a truly a girls bestfriend because they really help build up the clothing! So today I have to show off these heels that totally helped my party life this year, so fab shoes from "Donna Girl". Best pair of party heels a girl can have! They are just great to walk and dance with, hopefully I'll have some more nights with them ;)"

Song of the day: El Cantante - Marc Anthony...

onsdag 1 december 2010

First chance, First dress.

Okay so today starts the last month of this year and that means I'm going to start doing a count down every day, with things that I've loved this year.

"So today (1st of Dec) I honor my Maria Lucia Hohan dress for Prom earlier this year and it's def one of my most beautiful pieces of clothing ever! I love to just look at it and dream of fairy tales and beautiful clothes & shoes. It's just a real love story between me and silk."

Song of the day: Devil in a new dress - Kanye West.

fredag 12 november 2010

It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World.

No I'm not singing James Brown's famous song, but I'm writing about my beautiful brogue patent leather shoes :). I've only used them once but they are so beautiful and comfortable. The perfect low shoe, that I had been looking for and finally found! For a reason unknown I feel like an english dancer when I put them on. Great with dresses or skirts too! :)

The history of the shoe is pretty interesting too, I love when things have a history behind them. The brogue shoe comes from Ireland and Scotland and traditionally they were considered to be used outdoor or in the country, but as time changes, it's used by both men & women. I sure love 'em and I'm usually a high heel girl :).

Song of the day: Factory by: Band Of Horses

onsdag 3 november 2010

More Lanvin Please!

So yesterday I wrote about the shoes that will be included in the H&M collab with Lanvin, but today I have to show my love for these sexy Lanvin shoes from the winter collection, made of metallized lambskin! These would look so fab with any dress for the winter season that will come in December. They are made to walk in a world full of glamour and luxury and I would love to find a pair of shoes that look like this!

Song of the day : Hypnotize me- N.E.R.D (from the new album Nothing, this song is very Prince- inspired with a Pharell twist)

tisdag 2 november 2010

Lanvin for H&M

Okay,so I'm a huge Lanvin fan but it's very expensive, so I'm very positive to the collab that Lanvin is doing with H&M (better prices)! Alber Elbaz always does luxurious clothes full of beautiful fabrics and classy design! But lets talk about the shoes too, well of course I love Lanvin shoes because they are sexy yet sophisticated! With a pair of luxurious french shoes on your feet, nothing can go wrong. So this collection with H&M will include 4 pair of women shoes and 4 pair of mens shoes, as well as fab clothes for both women and men. I'm def buying things from this collection, because it might even beat my fav collab with H&M (Victor & Rolf) and the last collections, were not as good. So it's time for class again! :) Arent these shoes SEXY :)?

Song of the day: Christian Dior Denim Flow- Kanye West /and more.

måndag 25 oktober 2010

Desires of a redwhite man.

So today, I have a little guest writer, called Mr.Jester, who's also a shoe dreamer, among other things.

These shoes have been apart of my life for about 1 year & a half. I've always loved them, but I do even more now because of the metal brotch I decided to add on them. Red & white shoes are the best for me because they are basic colors that pretty much work for what I wear. ;) I don't wear tennis shoes, I only wear shoes converse style, they are more comforable for me. I've been inspired to understand the art of shoes thanks to Maru. There is art in shoes, shoes not only take you somewhere comfortably without damaging your feet, they also figuratively take you to a place without name. ;) Shoes are to girls what the ball is to the game. Lol. It's necessary to play. The beauty belongs to the married concept of recognizing the importance of shoes given by the publisher! I can't wait to expect what's in the future in how it relates to shoes. Certaintly color brings clarity. For me RED & WHITE are colors that always bring the best out my outfits! I respect the admiration Maru has for shoes, they do indeed take you to the moon! ;) These two are my galaxy shoes! I walk in these all day!

Song of the day: Cindy C - Prince (The Black Album)

söndag 24 oktober 2010

The moon.

So here are new shoes that I bought some days ago. These shoes I like to call my "moon shoes", because I would def wear these shoes on the moon, if I would ever be some kind of super-galactic superhero and then I would be super-fast because of the wedge heel (that's so comfortable). It's very interesting how shoes can make you dream and go different places (well it does with me.)

Listening: K.West - Runaway