fredag 12 november 2010

It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World.

No I'm not singing James Brown's famous song, but I'm writing about my beautiful brogue patent leather shoes :). I've only used them once but they are so beautiful and comfortable. The perfect low shoe, that I had been looking for and finally found! For a reason unknown I feel like an english dancer when I put them on. Great with dresses or skirts too! :)

The history of the shoe is pretty interesting too, I love when things have a history behind them. The brogue shoe comes from Ireland and Scotland and traditionally they were considered to be used outdoor or in the country, but as time changes, it's used by both men & women. I sure love 'em and I'm usually a high heel girl :).

Song of the day: Factory by: Band Of Horses

2 kommentarer:

  1. HEY! I have some shoes EXACTLY LIKE THIS! Except mine are bigger of course! MY FEET ARE HUGE! Lol. I had no idea girls can wear these shoes as well. This is very interesting! Because I use them some casually but more formally! I love them too! Well because I am a low heel guy! lol. I am not Prince. lol. BUT I find it VERY interesting girls can wear this too! I would love to see you sport this especially with dress or skirt. Hahaha

    You are awesome as always! :) BUT you just became more awesome!

  2. Hahah really? That's awesome :) They are great shoes!! hahaha yeah, you are def not Prince but then again the guy is really short lol. Yes it looks really nice with a skirt or dress :)