fredag 3 december 2010

Make it your own before you try.

Kelis has some beautiful music videos that gave me a lot of fashion inspiration, but today I just want to post about an album that I've been listening to since it was released. It's the best work out/ dance album this year with some amazing music videos too! Kelis - Flesh Tone from earlier this year, has to be one of those albums I've totally overplayed this year. It's just a great dance album, it really is music of the 22nd century, it might not be her best work but it's def my fav work out music ;)! Thanks Kelis for making me happy with your dance music that other people have followed on. I hope Kelis makes yet another amazing album soon, one of those few artists who really thinks outside the box! And if you're still a hater who doesn't believe Kelis has no talent and just check out this performance

Songs of the day : Take take take & As Ugly As I seem by The White Stripes (old songs from 2005, but def great songs!)

Question: Where is the democracy in our world? does it exist. Just wondering.

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