onsdag 22 december 2010

A faker?

Well of course I'm not the one being fake, but my fur scarf that I bought yesterday is certainly fake. I used to remember some years ago, when I was younger and I thought that the whole idea of fur was stupid (I'm a vegetarian) and so ancient because all the fake furs that were in stores, all looked so cheap and ugly. But all of this has changed these past years with designers like Stella McCartney and others who have really put an effort on creating furs that look real but are fake. Then again, I wish I could be a preacher like I used to be when it comes to fur, but I recently bought some fur shoes and I guess that's being controversial but I can promise they wouldnt have looked as beautiful if it was fake or perhaps they would? But that's the only real fur that I would buy and have ever bought.

"You can't fake chic, but you can be chic and fake fur" - Karl Lagerfeld

I also bought xmas presents and some candles, but the cutest thing I bought yesterday, has to be the little lipstick & handbag to put on the xmas tree! So adorable and cute, I have to buy the cupcake and the boots too! My mom gave me this Biotherm cream, that I'm going to use, hopefully it's good.

P.S A girl needs stockings & high knees in cold little Sweden so you don't freeze to death.

Song of the day: Raspberry Beret - Prince & The Revolution.

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