måndag 8 april 2013

I'm back! (Old post from 2011)

"Okay, so it's time to start this blog again and be more active on it. I've been procrastinating on it for way too long. This blog will be about so much more than shoes which was the intention of it when I first started with it, but since I'm such a mixed person that won't really happen. A lot of shoes will be included though. I was gone to New Orleans from the 21st of April to the 1st of June which of course made it quite impossible for me to blog actively, however I got a lot of inspiration from my trip there."

I can't believe I never posted this and it's now almost 2 years old. Time does fly fast, doesn't it?  Love it though. I need to go back there one day, I might bring my mother too, so she can see where her ancestors once worked.


In times of crisis that's when Glamour steps in.

In the 30s and 40s when there was an economical and political crisis around the world, people turned their ears and eyes to the glamorous world of Hollywood and to Swing music. Same thing happened in the late 70s, when people turned to the liberating Disco music and wanted to dress all glam and impress people and have a good time. I'm living in a post-economical crisis (you probably remember the crisis in 2008) and while I don't really like the music scene at the moment, the electro/house-pop infused music is a reaction in some ways to what happened, it's mechanical and it's not that expensive to create, because most of the productions are done on a computer. This type of music has opened it doors to people who just want to have a good moment in their life and don't care that much about the product they are giving out. But it's also represented in the way we dress because these past years, the fur has been popular yet again. In some ways it's securing to go back to this fantasy world of glamour, because it allows us to forget about daily problems. This is exactly what I'm doing because my life is a dream and with this economical crisis, I need to escape and dream of having a cool apartment like the one above, when I move out. I'm nervous about it and pretty excited. There are some things I need to do before this becomes a reality though and I'm planning on doing some other extravaganzas before I move out, but I strongly believe people need to glam themselves up in times of crisis, even if that means painting your nails in new nail polish or buy some new shoes. It's all about self-indulgent and feeling good during the weekends, when you feel like crap during the weeks, with all the studying and working that people do, you need to let loose and have fun. If my plans go like I want it to, I'll be traveling to Switzerland and Mexico this summer, but only time will tell and money... lol... /Miss X

Listening to the great disco band : Chic with one of my biggest inspirations Nile Rodgers