torsdag 16 december 2010

Oh darling, you bought more clothes?

Hahaha that's probably what my husband in the future would say, when looking at the (black)clothes I got today and I would say, but you can only see the underwear to make him smile again, a girl has to be smart ;)! I really had to get some new clothing tho, because my wardrobe was looking like a graveyard on a rainy day, without the decoration and flowers of course, with other words it was looking very depressing! Now it has 2 dresses, skirt, shirt, blouses, blazer/sweater and new underwear. Xmas is next week and I still don't know what to wear! Gash, it's time for me to find myself a nice outfit that I can use on the most expensive day of the year, (xmas has to be the most expensive day of the year, since everybody spend so much money on presents right? or is that just my imagination!?)

I need to find a nice cross too, I've been obsessed with getting a nice & big one, but I never find the one I want. I do have a green old one, that I would use but it doesnt have a chain. I guess I just have to find it in some kind of catholic store online? haha! A little sad thing today, is that I sold my Jimmy Choo dress and it's not longer in my sight to brighten up my days with its disco feeling.

( I'll upload pics as soon as I get my stupid cam to work again, I seriously need a new one.)

Album of the day: R.Kelly is back! I've been waiting for Kells to make an old school album, the kind of music that made me fall in love with his music, when I was a little kid back in the 90s and finally some of it is back with his new album called "LOVE LETTER". Luv it <3

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  1. I love this! AHH! I don't know where to begin again? I love the clothes! LIKE..YEAH! The dress and underwear..should I "shhh" now? lol. It's very appealing and mmmHMM! LOL. Your wardrobe has all the spice!! The decoration is colorful and the mix is SWEET! Very moving this is..Christmas is just around the block and I still have not purchased my outfit for the day! I will this day though! :)

    AND as far as the cross..I got that under control..I think? No need for a catholic store online..Hahaha..That was so funny! lol

    The R.Kelly album is DOPE! It's funny you mentioned it in this blog because I heard it all today! Hahaha along with the S&M Groove!

    AH Maru...I don't know when I could ever stop loving you? NEVER..Haha