onsdag 3 november 2010

More Lanvin Please!

So yesterday I wrote about the shoes that will be included in the H&M collab with Lanvin, but today I have to show my love for these sexy Lanvin shoes from the winter collection, made of metallized lambskin! These would look so fab with any dress for the winter season that will come in December. They are made to walk in a world full of glamour and luxury and I would love to find a pair of shoes that look like this!

Song of the day : Hypnotize me- N.E.R.D (from the new album Nothing, this song is very Prince- inspired with a Pharell twist)

2 kommentarer:

  1. This shoe is so very you! I know I would love to see your feet in something such as this! This is very much luxury and glamor at it's highest! I wish to find some shoes for men in metalized skin! WONDERFUL PIECE OF ART!
    Thank you Maru for your taste, it's so addicting! Haha
    AND for the song of the day, I love it.

  2. Thank you very much :)! You are very right, it's totally me, if only the price was better ;) lol! Yes I'm sure you would look very fly in shoes that are metalized :)! You are so very welcome Jester :)! haha. I love the song too!