måndag 25 oktober 2010

Desires of a redwhite man.

So today, I have a little guest writer, called Mr.Jester, who's also a shoe dreamer, among other things.

These shoes have been apart of my life for about 1 year & a half. I've always loved them, but I do even more now because of the metal brotch I decided to add on them. Red & white shoes are the best for me because they are basic colors that pretty much work for what I wear. ;) I don't wear tennis shoes, I only wear shoes converse style, they are more comforable for me. I've been inspired to understand the art of shoes thanks to Maru. There is art in shoes, shoes not only take you somewhere comfortably without damaging your feet, they also figuratively take you to a place without name. ;) Shoes are to girls what the ball is to the game. Lol. It's necessary to play. The beauty belongs to the married concept of recognizing the importance of shoes given by the publisher! I can't wait to expect what's in the future in how it relates to shoes. Certaintly color brings clarity. For me RED & WHITE are colors that always bring the best out my outfits! I respect the admiration Maru has for shoes, they do indeed take you to the moon! ;) These two are my galaxy shoes! I walk in these all day!

Song of the day: Cindy C - Prince (The Black Album)

söndag 24 oktober 2010

The moon.

So here are new shoes that I bought some days ago. These shoes I like to call my "moon shoes", because I would def wear these shoes on the moon, if I would ever be some kind of super-galactic superhero and then I would be super-fast because of the wedge heel (that's so comfortable). It's very interesting how shoes can make you dream and go different places (well it does with me.)

Listening: K.West - Runaway