tisdag 14 december 2010

Behind the mask, not anymore!

I'm so happy today because Jester boy is COMING TO SWEDEN :) Finally!! Now nobody can hide behind a mask or costume anymore, not that anyone was ever hiding behind a mask haha but still I have to use a MJ song as a title, I just had to :) !

Isnt my Monki hat cute ? :) Love it <33

Songs of the day: Behind the Mask - Michael Jackson and Somebody to love - Leighton Meester (Yes it's a sin to like this song from last year, but Robin Thicke's blue-eyed soul music mixed with electro-pop is addictive, but seriously Leighton should ONLY act and NOT SING!)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Me SO HAPPY 2! LOL. :) I love this blog to pieces! ;p; No one was ever behind the mask or anything but it's a good correlation! lol I like it and I love it more! The hat is YOU! I love the simplicity of it! You got to rock this mother! lol

    AND the songs of the day are amazing. I like how you described Robin Thicke's music as "blue eyed" Hahaha.. That is so awesome on many levels, but not as close as being as awesome as MARU! I MEAN WOW! I'm blown away! :)

  2. Thanks for liking it Jester :) That's what I meant and yes, I love the hat a lot! Very moi! I will!

    Really? I'm glad you like em! Yes Robin Thicke's music is very much "blue eyed" soul. hahaha! Aww thanks! I'm blown away too!