torsdag 17 februari 2011


Not really... Just very much bored at work...But I have to say I love complicated people, and I guess that's why I love drawing things like this. Dresses & shoes that are unique is something I really appreciate too. I also LOVE big lips! (Random yes, but so me!)

I give you a million dollars if you answer WHY I ALWAYS SPILL TEA OR WATER ON MY DRAWINGS?!?! hahaha...

P.S listening to Mary Mary- Get up (contemporary gospel song from 2008 haha I really do listen to everything, don't I? hahaha!) I like some gospel singers, but I ALWAYS seem to forget their names hahaha.

tisdag 15 februari 2011

Just a thought...

I think that a girl gets more jealous when the boy she likes, is paying all his attention to the moon, than him looking at another girl. Why? Because giving his love to the moon is something she can't do anything about,because it's an eternal love something that she can't compete with. Therefore she feels an empitness in her heart, that she can't explain and she gets sad. The girl of course knows it's foolish to be sad about such a thing, but yet she can't stop thinking if he was just like her. Then to make it worse, she mentions old garbage boys from the past to make the moon lover, a little jealous but it doesn't work because she ends up hurting herself more. A complicated thought pattern is not always the most easiest thing to understand, yet this very same pattern; is exciting to keep discovering.

Doesn't make sense? I think it does and therefore I'm sorry for my foolishness.

måndag 14 februari 2011

My Dream...

My dream was very strange, I was probably on drugs or something. I felt so lonely when I saw you from afar, I think it was you. He looked like you, but I wasnt' sure, because I never saw his face. Holding you was very beautiful and I took you everywhere and you didnt' say anything. He was just very calm and protected me from malicious spirits, that only he could see. My eyes were darkened and as I opened them again, there were people that had followed us and was looking at me. I ignored them because even in my dark hours, I still have some honor left. Then after a while you looked at me and told me, that it was my turn to go with you and not ask any questions about the things we would do. So I went with this strong man and not once did I ask a question because I knew that he had prepared my path. But before I took his hand and walked away, a question echoed in my head " would he do anything for me? without questioning me?"... I never answered myself, but I followed him nonetheless.

/Miss X is confusing sometimes...

P.S listening to Born This Way- Lady Gaga (Annoying as HELL, but the monster got me again.)

lördag 5 februari 2011

Alien dreams in mars with beautiful couture.

Don't you feel inspired when you see something beautiful? It doesnt matter what it is, as long as it's really beautiful. So if I would be on an exclusive date in Mars or something, where I would be this millionaire who has all the money in the world, then this is what I would wear. A beautiful and very alien-like couture dress by Borcher/ that costs over 12.000 dollars and some sky high heels (5,5 inch) by Camilla Skovgaard. And my alien date would wear a more modest blazer by Tangled Garment/ just because he's so filthy rich that he wouldn't mind putting on a slightly cheaper blazer for just 400 dollars. But like I said this is just in my fantasy, where aliens are filthy rich and give me everything I want to...

Don't you love dreaming?