torsdag 17 februari 2011


Not really... Just very much bored at work...But I have to say I love complicated people, and I guess that's why I love drawing things like this. Dresses & shoes that are unique is something I really appreciate too. I also LOVE big lips! (Random yes, but so me!)

I give you a million dollars if you answer WHY I ALWAYS SPILL TEA OR WATER ON MY DRAWINGS?!?! hahaha...

P.S listening to Mary Mary- Get up (contemporary gospel song from 2008 haha I really do listen to everything, don't I? hahaha!) I like some gospel singers, but I ALWAYS seem to forget their names hahaha.

1 kommentar:

  1. Eye love this blog!SO awesome and inspirational! Eye love complicated people too! The more controversial the better, those that leave room for a question mark goes a long way in my book! You are one of those people! :) QUESTION: Do you love your lips? LOL. They are big and eye find them quite juicy, eye must This picture is awesome, there is so much detail and simplicity, you simply want to marry it. I love the spill of tea and water sooo you!

    And you don;t have to remember the name of the artists, lol. What is more important is the message right? Or the beat? lol. Something! LOL

    You are guess what??