tisdag 15 februari 2011

Just a thought...

I think that a girl gets more jealous when the boy she likes, is paying all his attention to the moon, than him looking at another girl. Why? Because giving his love to the moon is something she can't do anything about,because it's an eternal love something that she can't compete with. Therefore she feels an empitness in her heart, that she can't explain and she gets sad. The girl of course knows it's foolish to be sad about such a thing, but yet she can't stop thinking if he was just like her. Then to make it worse, she mentions old garbage boys from the past to make the moon lover, a little jealous but it doesn't work because she ends up hurting herself more. A complicated thought pattern is not always the most easiest thing to understand, yet this very same pattern; is exciting to keep discovering.

Doesn't make sense? I think it does and therefore I'm sorry for my foolishness.

1 kommentar:

  1. This blog is powerfully expressed! Eye can't stop reading it! The connections and representations the moon has enlightens me! You are an excellent writer miss X! This blog is a compelling one! I appreciate you Xugab, because not only are you incredibly gifted at writing you excell at conveying a point..many points! The moon ain't got nothing on you! You make me leap over corners to reach your destination! :) A complicated thought pattern isn't the easiest to understand, but it is the most intriguing. It's filled with so much mystery it's SEXY! Lol. Eye describe you as being more sexy as the days unfold! Eye love you and eye value your thought patterns! Goodness it's HOT! Lol