torsdag 3 mars 2011

Alejandro Ingelmo & Khaki shirt!

So I just found these lovely woven metal sandals by spanish-cuban Alejandro Ingelmo from his 2009 collection and don't they look fab?! Beautiful indeed yet so modern and chic. Love them! He does great men's shoes too! Like these snake skin sneakers... (I'm guessing all guys looking at these shoes, are having shoe-orgams too! ;)!!)
Thanks Alejando for making both girls & boys getting obsessed by your sexy shoes!

Don't you love this look with Kid Cudi/GQ Dec Issue 2010? It looks so casual yet so modern. The khaki shirt really makes it look even better, because it's a color you wouldnt expect but then again, it's a color guys should wear more often cuz it's hot! Love it!

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  1. This right here is my swag1 Kid Cudi, totally is jacking my style. LOL. Jk. But this is simply the work! Eye would work this totally! lol Those shoes!!! WOW! I had to study them for about 5 minutes, and then finally come to myself and say wow! Those are beast! lol At first glance they did not appeal to me, but now wow! I want to get them! Eye have to say Alejandro Ingelmo is genius for this incorporation, I have seen some like these but wow..In white the are banging! Just my color as you know? Thank you for this blog it has given me a lot of inspiration..You always give me a reason to love fashion even more! :)

    Eye love you more!