måndag 14 februari 2011

My Dream...

My dream was very strange, I was probably on drugs or something. I felt so lonely when I saw you from afar, I think it was you. He looked like you, but I wasnt' sure, because I never saw his face. Holding you was very beautiful and I took you everywhere and you didnt' say anything. He was just very calm and protected me from malicious spirits, that only he could see. My eyes were darkened and as I opened them again, there were people that had followed us and was looking at me. I ignored them because even in my dark hours, I still have some honor left. Then after a while you looked at me and told me, that it was my turn to go with you and not ask any questions about the things we would do. So I went with this strong man and not once did I ask a question because I knew that he had prepared my path. But before I took his hand and walked away, a question echoed in my head " would he do anything for me? without questioning me?"... I never answered myself, but I followed him nonetheless.

/Miss X is confusing sometimes...

P.S listening to Born This Way- Lady Gaga (Annoying as HELL, but the monster got me again.)

1 kommentar:

  1. What a dream! This is beautiful! It is very compelling too! Eye hope to be this guy within this dream! Lol. Whether you were on drugs or not this is highly precious! It's clear to me, leaving questions behind..follow me let me take you to where you haven't been before :) The honor that is left of you is a powerful LOVE to me! :) This is confusing, but it's a puzzle of real meaning! :)

    Eye love you! And I loveeee "Born this way" it's addictive..lol. I'm not annoyed by it yet. Lol