onsdag 23 mars 2011

Hollywood Glamour died a little bit today...

Now I've known for some hours that the beloved Liz Taylor died at 79 years old and I can finally write something about it. Liz Taylor has always been one of my fav actresses and also very much a style icon(with all those lovely & expensive jewellry she would always wear!). I'm still kinda shocked because it's all so unexpected, I really thought she would get older but I guess her body couldn't handle it no more. She was one of the last actresses from Hollywoods golden age, with those lovely women who were stylish and had great acting skills. Movies & photos with liz taylor are always so inspirational to look at and I will always remember her for being a lovely person with so many talents, she's one of the few people who've won two oscars. She was also a person who very much respected the privacy of others and that's something I find very honest and I'm glad she never made a book talking about all the people she knew(that happens so often in Hollywood),she's taking alot of her secrets with her to the other side.

Right now I'm thinking about how beautiful she looked in Cleopatra (her eyes that look purple!) and her old classic movies, so it's only right for me to upload beautiful pics of this beautiful lady! We miss your dearly, Miss Taylor!

PS. I hope I can find a copy of her book: Elizabeth Taylor : My love affair with jewelery, I'm sure there are some stunning pictures in it. I remember seeing the book in a book store in Pasadena, California but never bought it.

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